Does my child need speech therapy for a lisp?

It is not typical for a child 4 and up to have a lisp. If your child is over 4 years old and still has a lisp speech therapy would be warranted. Speech therapy does work for these children and a lisp can be corrected. The child would be taught the correct lip and tongue placements in order to correct the sounds and redirect the airflow.


Does my two year old need speech therapy if he is not talking much?new_corner_pic1.png

A typically developing 2 year old should have at least 50 words. If your child is not saying at least 50 words and starting to put 2-3 words together to form phrases then you should consider getting a speech therapy evaluation. Some children (especially boys) can just be delayed with their speech. Getting a speech evaluation will help to determine the cause and what treatments are needed to help the child develop more speech.


Does your child have difficulty reading?

You may notice your child is having difficulty with reading or may not be reading at his appropriate grade level. Even if your child’s teacher is not concerned but you feel in your gut that your child is not reading as well as he should be it is a good idea to have him evaluated by a speech therapist. A speech evaluation will help to pinpoint what type of difficulties he may be having and the speech therapist can refer you to a reading tutor along with therapy if needed.


How is your child’s handwriting?

If you look at pictures hung in the classroom or writings the students have done, is your child’s the worse? If your answer is yes then your child would benefit from occupational therapy. Occupational therapy works on improving those fine motor skills associated with drawing, writing, and cutting with scissors.corner_pic_pt2.png