The holidays are approaching quickly and many parents struggle with gifts for their children.  Many parents want to get gifts that are fun but also functional.  Following are some gift ideas that your child will love and at the same time will help promote and foster gross and fine motor,  sensory play, and visual perception.  The following games/toys can be found on, and/or walmart/target.

  1. Teeter popper by Fat Brainimgres
  2. Kinetic sand and/or play dough
  3. Magnaformers
  4. Pogo stick
  5. Snap Circuits Motion
  6. Game “Rush Hour”
  7. Scooter board
  8. Swingimages
  9. Bike
  10. Jump rope
  11. Game “Perfection”
  12. Squigz
  13. Therapy ball or peanut ball
  14. Bilibo
  15. “Spot it” – there are sevimgres.jpgeral different “Spot it!” games depending on age of child
  16. Fine motor craft bucket