Whether your child is starting a new school or is a seasoned school veteran, jitters usually go along with the first day. So what can parents do to help minimize anxiety?  Below are five ways to help ensure your child has a great first day.


1. Set up a playdate with a classmate
Before school starts, have your child spend time with friends attending the same school and, preferably, the same class. While there’s bound to be some anxiety on the first day, kids will appreciate seeing a familiar face and having a buddy who cares.

2. Read a book about going to school

There are a host of great books about the first day of school, whether it’s starting kindergarten or 1st grade or going back in general. Visit your local library and dive in. Some of our tried and true favorites include The Night Before Kindergarten and The Berenstain Bears Go to School. 

3. Talk openly with your child
Be honest about your own experiences, and discuss a time when you felt excited or nervous going to school or trying something new. Talk freely and regularly, and encourage your child to talk about how he or she is feeling, too.  Normalize feelings of nervousness by telling your child it’s okay to have first day jitters.  

4. See the classroom beforehand
If possible, visit school ahead of time with your child and find his or her homeroom. Work with your child to write up an appropriate school-day routine and talk about how the day will go. You could even give it a dry run before school starts packed lunch and all!

5. Meet your teacher beforehand

Introducing your child to his or her teacher ahead of time is another great way to minimize those first day jitters and eliminate the unknown. Even showing a yearbook picture can put your child at ease and know who to expect.

It’s common for children to feel hesitant about going somewhere new and meeting new people, and so starting school can be uneasy time. If you feel like your child needs additional help preparing for school success (speech, language, motor, behavior, social skills) please contact Janna Hacker & Associates for a consult at 901-328-2110 or read more at