Valentine’s Flowers

        vday flowers

This is an easy, fun way to practice speech and fine motor skills! Practice drawing and/or cutting out hearts and stems and gluing them onto the paper. If your child is solely working on fine motor skills, having him draw shapes, lines, polka dots, etc. on the flowers in order to decorate them. If your child is working on speech skills, write target words on each flower. Your child can practice the words at the word, phrase, or sentence level. For more advanced articulation practice, have your child formulate a sentence with each word, with his good target sound. For language practice, have your child talk about the flowers. What do they look like- What are the colors you see? What shapes do you see? What size? What do we do with flowers? What else to we get or give others for Valentine’s Day? Have fun and be creative!

Valentine’s Day Card

vday card


This easy, creative Valentine’s Day card will be a hit with parents and grandparents! Using paints will be great practice for children with sensory disorders. This gives the child an opportunity to feel and work with textures he might not be comfortable with but will learn that he can have fun with them. Let your child smear the paint on his hands before making the hand-prints. Place three handprints on a blank sheet of paper and then have your child practice cutting and gluing by cutting out each hand-print and gluing them to another blank piece of paper. Practice painting three straight lines for the stems and making a bow at the bottom. This activity will really put those fine motor skills to work! You may then have your child formulate what he wants to write on his card. Practice good articulation skills by dictating what he wants to say out loud and then practice writing the Valentine’s note. Put a date under one of the handprints for a special keepsake!


Heart Butterfly Craft



We are buggin’ out over this craft! You will need pink and white construction paper, a clothes pin, two googly eyes, a pipe cleaner, red and black marker, glue, and scissors. For fine motor practice, have your child draw two small hearts on the white construction paper and two larger hearts on the pink construction paper. Then have your child practice cutting and gluing by cutting out the hearts and gluing the small white hearts onto the larger pink hears. Next, have your child color the clothes pin red and glue the googly eyes and heart wings to it. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue it to the back of the clothes pin for the butterfly’s antennae. Lastly, take the black marker and make a smiley face. For speech practice, break each step down and give 1-3 steps at a time for your child to follow. You can also write target words on the butterfly’s wings and practice them at the word, phrase, or sentence level. Clip the butterfly to a visible object in your house in order to practice the words each day!


Heart Shaped Quesadilla


Need a fun, creative Valentine’s Day lunch for your picky eater? Try this special lunch idea! Have your child help make the quesadilla by using a cookie-cutter to cut out hearts in the tortilla shells. Get creative and add foods that your child likes to the quesadilla and then encourage your child to add food that he might not prefer. If your child likes cheese and tomatoes, load them up! If your child doesn’t like mushrooms and peppers, encourage him to place one or two into the quesadilla. If your child refuses to eat them, practice holding, smelling, kissing, and licking them and leave them out of the quesadilla. This will still give your child practice to talk about and handle non-preferred foods. Practice following directions by giving your child 1-3 steps to follow while making the quesadilla. Your child will then have a fun lunch for Valentine’s Day!


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