ALL the School Options for 2020

This is a challenging time to choose how your child will be educated.  Luckily, there are so many choices that you just need to decide what is best for your child and your family. 

JHA works with families whose children go to public, private, and homeschool.  We would be happy to discuss your child’s needs and give you some options that may be a good fit for your child. 

Remember, whatever choice you make can be changed if needed.   You should talk to parents and do a virtual tour or a website tour of the schools you are interested in having your child attend. See which school feels like a good fit for your child – academically and socially.  Talk to other parents whose children go to the school you are considering. Find out what the school’s plans are for dealing with COVID-19.

Public Schools – You can see what their plans are for the fall. Some are offering all in-school, all virtual school, or a hybrid model.  As COVID-19 cases spike, the schools may move to all virtual learning.

Private Schools – Every school has a different model.  Because class sizes are smaller, many private schools are continuing in-person learning, and some schools are giving the option of all-virtual learning as well.  Contact each school to find out what their plans are.  Last spring the private schools continued teaching new material virtually, so they have had experience making that model work. 

Special Education Private Schools – There are many private schools in town that have “plus” programs (pull-out programs for extra help with reading/math). There are also private schools that have special education programs throughout the whole day (e.g., Madonna Learning Center, Bodine School for Dyslexia, Phoenix Learning Center, Bowie, Lindamood Bell’s school program, Faith Christian Academy, Shady Oaks School, Concord Academy, Memphis Oral School for the Deaf).

Homeschool – There is usually an “umbrella/cover” school that is like an administrator that does the report cards, makes sure you are completing all the requirements for your state, and makes sure your child will get credit for the coursework toward graduation. The most common ones used in TN are Homelife Academy & Faith Heritage.  Every state has different requirements, so be sure you are meeting the requirements for the state where you live. Then you choose the homeschool programs you use for each subject that are approved by the umbrella school.  If you are not registering through an umbrella school, you have to contact your local public school district to let them know you are homeschooling your child and complete paperwork for that.  Most people register through an umbrella school. 

Homeschool laws in TN:

Homeschool laws in MS:

Cover Schools/Umbrella Schools:                     

There are a few public school virtual programs that are free in TN including TN Virtual Academy and TN Online Public School. There are many other free online virtual schools based in other states that you can choose, but be sure that the virtual school you choose has “legitimate accreditation status” by one of the approved accreditation groups for TN.  Review the TN homeschool laws for more information. 

Some of the homeschool programs that our clients have used include the following: 

Abeka, Masterbooks, MyFathersWorld, Horizons (Christian Programs)           

There are some homeschool groups that meet in the Memphis area such as Collierville Connections (meet at Collierville Baptist),Horizon (meet at Church of Christ)

The Bridge, and Bellevue Tutorial. has listed many resources about homeschooling HERE             

There are many Facebook pages if you search “homeschool Memphis” such as the following:

Memphis Area Homeschool Buzz, Memphis Area Homeschool Curriculum, Memphis Homeschool Online Support, and Homeschoolers of Memphis Eclectic.

Good luck on your decision-making for your child’s education!  Contact us if you need any advice regarding your child’s needs and school options in the Memphis area.